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Translation Services

     We encourage fresh as well as future researchers to submit the latest results of their studies. We are aware that in many instances the information layout and the translation in English are the main reasons for which a manuscript is discarded so we come to your aid by offering the following services:



-          Full text translation services: 27 RON/page or 6,5 euro/page

-          Translation modification/improvement: 12 RON/page or 3 euro/page

-          Text formatting/page layout/bibliography: 12 RON/page or 3 euro/page for texts 1 to 8 pages in length

-          Text formatting/page layout/bibliography: 10 RON/page or 2,5 euro/page for texts more than 8 pages in length

The pages must follow the JSR Journal editing norms: TNR, 11 point text, single spacing, without spaces between paragraphs, top / bottom / right / left – 3 cm.

Current issue

VOL. IX, No. 1-2, 2023     In order to view the article content you must have Adobe Reader installed. When you cite a JSR Journal article, please do so using the title...


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