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About us

The Junior Scientific Researcher Journal is an online publication journal which employs a peer review system. Its main purpose is to contribute to the improvement of research quality by offering the opportunity to publish in a transparent, quality-based manner. As we are aware of the hardships PhD students and young researchers have to face at the beginning of their careers, we offer them constant assistance in order to make sure their articles reach high publication standards.

Our Vision: We plan on contributing to the improvement of Romanian scientific publications through novelty articles based on research of the most important aspects of the economy.

Our Mission: This scientific journal offers professors, Master’s degree students and PhD students the opportunity to publish their newest research results, and thus contribute to the enrichment of valuable information in the field.

ISSN (online): 2458-0341

ISSN–L 2458-0341

As we are aware of how important publishing is for researchers at the beginning of their careers, especially for master students and PhD students, we are especially interested in the materials we receive from this category of authors. In most cases, the desire to do research comes about during college. We encourage young researchers to pursue a career in research and offer them the possibility to publish their first scientific work in the Young and future researchers section. If we receive a manuscript that does not meet the publishing standards, but the editors are aware of its potential, we will advise the author to make the necessary changes to the article in order to improve its quality. We also offer advice before receiving an article.

Our main purpose is to help the authors to contribute with high value, original and novel articles in their field of research. 

Areas of Research are based on economic topics. Examples, but not limited to:

  • Businsess Administration
  • Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Business Economics
  • Health Economics
  • Management

Current issue

VOL. IX, No. 1-2, 2023     In order to view the article content you must have Adobe Reader installed. When you cite a JSR Journal article, please do so using the title...


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